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After My First Sound Walk

As an assignment from my teacher Marina, I just listened to my first sound walk named Her Long Black Hair.A sound walk is a thing that I’ve never heard of it before, which is why I even misunderstood this assignment in the beginning.

So what is a sound walk? I still do know it too much, but after I listened to some of them, I start to have a vague concept of it. It’s like a movie, or a journey, in which someone is telling a story to you. You cannot see the story happen. Instead, you can hear the same ambient when it was going on, smell and feel the same air.

It’s a new storytelling format for me, I first time realize that sound could be narrative. I start to wonder how to make the sound sounds humidity, and how to capture those time ambient sound around us.

I tried to make my first sound walk, with my teammate Stephanie together. I tried to use a non-directional mic to capture all the sound even the noise from every direction and use a piece of cloth covering on the mic to reduce wind noise. I tried to make the mic closer to the source of sound to emphasize a sound effect.

I will post it here once I finish the editing.

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