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Analysis of a Design, Freedom of Speech

I was a picky person, but this time it’s is not a hard work to choose a design to write something about it.

I was shocked by this poster at my first glance. This poster has the ability to bring a huge impact to every person. We don’t need any training to understand it because freedom of speech is one of the most important things in our life.

There are two symbols in this design, both of which is simple and have a clear metaphor. The microphone is for speech, and the birdcage is the restriction, or simply a jail. The association of those symbols makes us fear, fear for the consequences followed by the depriving of our freedom of speech.

Talk about the color. We know that the combination of black and yellow is a good way to convey “WARNING.” Initially scientists just found that yellow and black are much easier to be noticed by a human, and afterward, people just established the association between warning and black-yellow. In the poster, the colors convey the notion of “Be Aware” to us. Yes, we must be aware of that some people are trying to deprive our freedom of speech, which is the thing we must prevent from happening.

And the symmetry, by which bring us the feeling of regulation, one excuse of the government to make us shut up.

Therefore, there is no doubt that this is a great design. The story behind it is simple, touching and powerful. The graphic is clear and consistent. Most importantly, this poster makes us start thinking, thinking about the meaning of freedom of speech.


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