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Computation and My Interests

I like making things.

When I was a child, I’ve made lots of things, a bow made of umbrella bones,  a sword made of a ruler, a little cannon made of antenna and fireworks.

Now, I do make stuff either. I consider the making process is a game, I just enjoy it.

While I was working as a product designer in Beijing, I struggle a lot. I want my outcome could be emotion based, which is very hard to do. The only emotion based product could only succeed in galleries, not in the market.

At the same time, I tried to make some personal stuff. In the beginning, it was some tools, with fancy design and function which only I could ever need.

And then, on a rainy day, surfing on youtube, unintentionally, I found this:


Created by Chris Milk, this project is simple, emotion based, and I believe everyone could know that they need it since they first catch sight of it.


Everyone has had a dream of fly, a whimsicality of becoming a bird. You can read it from the audiences’ face. This project really hit a chord with them.


I realize that I have been a designer in IT area for such a long time, long enough to forget that there are so many other valuable things waiting to be created by me.


I wish my days at ITP could give me the weapon, by which I can create the one Chris Milk, currently one of my heroes, had done, and then allow me to learn more about humanity so I can really make something able to compete with the one Chris Milk had done.

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