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Expressive Words & Boarding Pass

Starting from the fun part,

expressive words

Above is a quick one, I use blue to reduce the uncertainty. Hopefully, it would work.

Above is a Chinese word, I believe it is self-expressed. You can understand it, right?

This is my favorite one. I use a lightly weighted font to emphasize the red hang.

Don’t like it too much, but still post it here.

The Boarding Pass

This design is more about usability so I will explain it with a user’s case.

John is going to take a flight. When he gets his boarding pass, what are the priory things he wants to make sure?

How long until boarding? Where is my seat? Is it need the corridor or window? Which gate?

All the answers are listed as big thick black words. I bet he will be relieved immediately.

John is traveling with his girlfriend, so he gots two tickets. Which one is mine? Hence the big name on the tickets.

Other pieces of information are useful in some minor contexts, so they are printed smaller but well organized at the bottom.

Ok, now the story ends. Why I’m using only black?

The main reason is I want this design to be practical, so far the printers in most of those counters can only print words in black.

The fonts are Lucida Grand, which means I did not change it, because I believe this is part of their VI system.


I got this idea, I know it’s inappropriate, but I just can’s stop drawing it down!

My sketch:

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