Courses Fragments

Good Signs & Bad Signs

Bad Designs

1. Street Name Signs

One thing that is frustrating for me in NYC is the road signs telling the roads’ name.

I am new to NYC, when I am trying to get somewhere, I rely on those signs. Every time I get to a new crossroad, I want to know where I am, this is when the problem occurs.

Sometimes, the road’s name is a sign in the center of the crossroad. And other times, on one of those corners. Which corner? Good question, because the answer seems to be “one or two random corners.”

I am not intended to be critical just for my homework. In fact, I got highly frustrated by those signs.

Usually, I have a destination in my mind, and I walk while making a phone call with my girlfriend. And every time I get to a crossroad, this is the dialogue:

“Hold on a minute honey. I need to check google map where am I”.

It’s hard to find the street sign. I have to work like a little rada scanning all the for corners and got nothing.

I wish the road signs could be at all of the four corners.

2. Red Flashing Palm for Pedestrians

And another bad sign could be the traffic lights for pedestrians.

When the time is running out, it flashes like this:

It took me one week to understand it by watching what the other locals were doing. This sign means I still can go across the road, but please hurry.

What? I am confused. Are you telling me that you give me a red flashing palm sign, which I thought it would be a stop sign, but I can still across the road?

Maybe not? Maybe it tells people to stop across the road? But why it flashes when there are still 15 seconds left? And why everybody doesn’t stop in front of this sign? And why in other countries they use a green walking human figure while the remained time is less 15 seconds?

Instead of a redesign, I wish it could just be a green running human figure, like normal. Give an everyday sign a completely new visual is not a good thing because people would confuse again, and maybe more than they used to.

Good Signs

1. 24 hr Parking

This is not a public sign, but I saw them all the times. It’s simple and clear, especially in the night. Everyone can understand it in no time.

2. Polluting Vehicles Will Be Fined.

I choose this one because I don’t know what the word means but I can still get it. The good icon is capable to explain everything.

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