Courses Fragments

It Tolls for Thee

The reading passage and the TED talk are conveying the same notion to us:

Cultures are interdependent, derived from each other.
We cannot just create something from the air — of course, we can, but if a creation does not have a relationship with our previous understanding, who can read it?
Therefore, revolutionary things in the history always had a hard time to be accepted by man in the street.
Besides, I have some own point of view.
As the title of this article, as Donna had said—“Don’t send to know for who the bell tolls, it tolls for thee”, we are individuals, but we are a unity at the same time. We are human, born to continue our same ancestor, just like a cell of our body which is born to keep us — a tiny unity alive. Who can say that a particular thought belongs to one of our neutrons and not to others? All the things we’ve created is the crystal of all human beings.
However, we still need creativity to, pushing our culture to move forward a little, by which our unity could step forward slowly but continuously.

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