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My First Class at ITP

Don’t wanna be repetitive and long-winded, so long story short.

The one thing deeply impressed me is that our teacher, ask us to form some tiny groups to imagine a fantasy device which does not exist, but if it does, how can we interact with that.

And what happened makes me realize my problems. I started to disintegrate this assignment as a design task, which is what I’ve done thousands of times in my work. Firstly, what demand could it meet? Should we hold a brainstorm meeting? And how to design the interface to make it meet our need? Should it have a decent instruction? Or…

Completely wrong, after I saw how the other students have done their work, I find out that my routine to finish a task is incredibly unimaginative. One of the other teams makes a glasses to control the behavior of people, and other one makes the interaction to control a voice.

In fact, I think our outcome is great too, credit to my other team members. We imagine that a bowl is a crystal ball, and you can ask a question to it. How do you interact with a crystal ball? Firstly you touch it like a witch does, and then you look into it, very intuitive, right? Unfortunately a glass bowl, haha, does not look like a crystal ball, so people do not interact as what we planned. Most of them were trying to turn it. That is one of my faults. The other one is I have misunderstood the purpose of this assignment, I should focus on the intuitive behavior when people need interacting, not why they need to interact.

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