My First ICM Course at ITP

Aha! Good news! My teacher of this course is the one, the beloved celebrity — Dan Shiffman!

Two things are remarkable today:

  • An exciting activity!
  • My homework! Space Mellon Enthusiaster!

1st one.

Divided into two people groups, we write some instructions for other groups and then draw something follow the instruction from other groups.

Me and my teammate wrote some instruction like this:

And the outcome by our class mates is like:

Pretty impressive! Because my instruction contains lots of animation, and they present the animation by story board, and the last scene looks very “Holywoody”.

On the other hand, the scene in my brain is like


And the instruction we’ve got is:

Our outcome:

I put some coffee on my lips so my kiss could be more showy, haha.

Ok, the second part.

The final edition is here.

In the beginning, I come up with a scene, which derives from the previous activity, including space, eyeballs.

I want the watermelon flys to the eye ball, like a meteor collide on a planet, and then BOOM!

However, limited by my p5 skill, I can only make the eyeball staring the watermelon.

Someday I will complete the explosion, someday.

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