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NYC Metro Sign Redesign

Let me tell you something about my first experience of NYC metro.

One sunny day, three days after my arriving, I decided to get to Manhattan bridge to take a look. I decided to take the subway, based on my understanding of the earth, a man can get a metro card at the train station.

I remember there is a train station near ITP, so I walk to there, and find the entrance easily, so far so good. So I walk down the stairs.

Wait, what? No vending machine? No ticket booth?

Go back upstairs and watch the sign again, I found a sentence under the board. I still can not read it today.

But, based on what I saw, I bet it says no ticket sale here.

I am a genius! But how can I get a metro card? I start to google: NYC Metro Guidance. Here we are, someone said on Reddit that you can get a metro card from a store or a vending machine located in the station.

I am so clever! that means some bigger entrances are selling metro cards. So I walk to another entry, guided by google map.

Long story short, I saw vending machines at the 3rd station I visited.

Wow, I can use any vending machine intuitively, what a brilliant human. I am so proud of myself when I get my Metro card. I sweep, I get in. So far so good.

Wait, the price of this card is 19$, where is my 1$ change? Shit, I left them on the vending machine. However, if I get out the station, I must pay 2.75$ to come in again. It’s a simple mathematics problem.

How to prevent people from forgetting their changes? It’s another issue which I will talk it later.

Now, let’s solve the first problem: why I get down to the first entry and didn’t see the vending machine, which I thought I should see.

The solution is Learning English, harder.

No!!!!!! I want to get this sign talking!!!!!

Seems quick great!

The green tells people this is what we can do, and the red is what we can’t. I use an icon to substitute the sentence I cannot understand even today — by the way, my TOFEL reading score is 29.

Let’s compare it to the old one.

The font size and the R&W seem little smaller, which would reduce the readability, let refine it.

And now I removed the explanation of can not by metro card because I think the icon is self-explained. And I can have some space in case if there would be another thing worth to tell. All the font are larger so people can see it from far away. Use non-serif font at first row and serif font at second raw to emphasize the first row.




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