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Storyboarding for a Documentary of a Musician

Azalea, Tong and I are in one group to finish our little film.

We choose to make a tiny documentary for Azalea’s music teacher, Roland, who is a very kind person and willing to help. Before we start, we want to know our musician better, so we did a little interview via emails.

Roland’s reply was very attractive. He is a good story teller. We love his story very much. After a disscution, we get a rough outline of our film.

Roland is a musician and a teacher living and working in NYC. The film will focus on what influenced him to become a musician and specifically what made him pursue it professionally as we watch him struggle and overcome his challenges and finally we hear about his hopes for his own future as well as the future of music.

Scene 1 – Inspiration

• Mother’s influence
• Beatles
• Small town life
• The White Elephant
• The 60s – Filmore East
• Musicians
• Musical Influences – Beatles/Django

Scene 2 – Challenges

• Writing lyrics
• Practicing/technical difficulties
• Keeping up with technology
• Struggling to be as good as his idols

Scene 3 – The Future

• Upcoming challenges
• Hopes for his music and for the future of music
• End with playing a song

We’ve decided to break up the storyboard into three parts. I did the first part, Azalea did the second and Tong finished the third part.





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