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What is Interactions?

I have had some HCI courses when I was pursuing my Bachelor’s degree, which contributes a lot to the formation of my impression of interaction.In my mind, one should learn about humanity so one can predict what would happen when a person in a certain group would react to a thing or a phenomenon. With this prediction, one can make sure his interaction design could be accepted by the target users, and then produce a positive outcome.

For instance, when a person hit the button “Submit” on a website, we can predict that transaction would take times, and sometimes longer than expected, which could make the user anxious. However, as long as we can predict it, we can design a Loading animation of just print a line to tell the user everything is Ok, just wait for seconds. This is a simple, but useful.

And a good interaction should be self-explained. An old one but my favorite one is the unlock interaction on the first iPhone in 2007.

Back to that time, most people are not familiar with digital


, so Apple predicts that they won’t understand complicate symbols and underlying interactions. What they know is the tangible knobs and sliders in the old time, from an old TV or grandpa’s radio. Hence the drawing of a real button with shadows and a slide bar which gives people the urge to slide it, even this is the first time that a person sees a touchscreen.

And as the people slide it, the slider moves with the finger without latency, which gives the user a positive feedback of “you are doing great!”. In the end, with the unlock animation, the user feels extremely satisfied.

Therefore, we have two principles here:

  • Predict what would happen when users see it.
  • Keep reacting to the operation of your user, give them positive feedback.

This is my amateurish point of view of interaction, hope I can get some feedback from my teacher!




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