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Midterm Project, Paranoid Bankers. Updated Oct 31, 2017

The storyline is simple:

In a skyscraper, lived a bunch of bankers. If Nasdaq Index goes up, they have a party. If not, they suicide.

You can watch them, or you can interrupt. By click “I’m the god,” you can control the NDX by a potentiometer.


  1. Can not find NDX data.
    1. Just use NDX as a symbol.
  2. Can not get a line from JSON with SPACE in it!!!!!
    1. Just use[“$key”]
  3. The first line’s name is changing all the time, how to get it.
    1. Forget about JSON, use CSV
  4. How to round off :
    1. Math.round(ndxNew * 100.0) / 100.0;
  5. Low-Level Mistake: Arduino cannot get my serial.write.
    1. Reason: I send a boolean to Arduino, say it would be False or True. While in Arduino, I check is it 1 or 0. So they won’t work until…..

Too Tired, I will add some detail tomorrow.

Oct 24, 2017 update:

  1. Immigrated my code into NodeMCU, cheaper and smaller.
  2. Solved the problem that when refreshing CSV file, access the CSV will cause error.
    1. Use “%” to delay the accessing, make sure when we are reading the CSV, the refreshing always be done.
  3. Designed a new enclosure for it.

Oct 29, 2017 update:

I’ve made a new fancy enclosure for it.

it’s so small, I spend a lot of time to put my board and wired into it.

And I added some code to create a better effect of the party, using my iPad as a display to show it, as you can see in the top gif.

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