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My New Business Card Desgin

Edited: Finally, I got an inspiration that why must a card be printed? So I laser cut it, which looks good! 

However, the readability is a problem. Eventually, my professor told me that I can make a combination of printing and laser cutting, which is a great idea.

I really like this card, I think I will use the card for a long long time.

—————————Original Content——————–

I had several business cards.

The left one, I was a young product designer. I want to be different, want others to feel that I was trained to be an artist, want to convey that I am a minimalist.

The right one, I just want to be an ordinary person, to assure others that they can trust me that I won’t do something stupid.

Yup, when you grow up, instead of to show that you are cool, you need to prove you are worthwhile to do business with.

So what do I want to show them now?


Sadly, I cannot use this card, because I’m neither rich nor a boss.

So, I have to make a new one, which is appropriate for a mediocre artist.

What I really want to show.

  1. I have my esthetic taste.
    1. Minimalist.
  2. I want people to remember my sign.
    1. BIG LOGO!
  3. I am oriental, which has a different style with others.
    1. Black and white.
    2. Chinese characters.

This is what I finally get:

Color scheme:

Black and white, pure, retro.

The font is Fang Zheng Qing Ke Ben Yue Song, which is from Qing Dynasty block-printed edition. The English font comes up with the Chinese font package.


When I was trying to fit it to the Fibonacci pattern, I just didn’t feel right.
Then I kept tweaking it until I feel comfortable.



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