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Shooting for Our Documentary

This week we did two days shooting for our documentary.

Roland is a very kind person, and very knowledgeable.

However, the shooting is a real tough thing for me. I am not talking about the gears or lights, but the content itself.

Portrait, documentation, is not a thing can be done well in a hurry, so we must bargain. There is a documentary about musicians I’ve watch named It Might Get Loud. I tried to steal some good plots/ scene/ shot from it, and I draw them in my storyboards. However, None of them could be done. The reason is that who we are portraying is not a hired actor, but a real man, who won’t live like what you wish him to do.

We choose to be accurate. Even though it might get boring.

I play guitar; I feel I got something in common with Roland, I like him. We shoot the interview part, which is a “must have” part in most documentaries. And we shoot him showing us how to make something derived from Bach’s compositions, so does some of his improvisings. And he talks about his off-work life in upstate.

It was quite a joyful shooting. Moreover, we had a deal with Roland: After this 5-minutes assignment, after we got more necessary skills, we can use our spare time to shoot more about him, maybe visit him upstate, make this documentary more integrate, more detailed.

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