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Animation – Week 2 – Storyboard and Characters

Being a big fan of movie, cartoon, and anime, I wish I could become a storyteller.

Therefore, I am trying to put a little bit plot in my assignment. I was trying to write some story by myself. But after a comparison my craft to other people’s story, I dump my story immediately.

However, I got a new idea, how about recreating the story of The Black Cat?

So what below here is a very rough sketch. When I was drawing this, only God and I know what does it mean. And now, only God knows.

However, It helps me to understand to scenes and the shots, based on which I can design my characters.


And then, the book I ordered from Amazon arrives!

Right after I read it, I was eager to try some new tricks I just learned. So I  draw the storyboard again, to emphasize the bleak ambient of this story.

It’s a long story, so far I only got the first part. Anyway, have fun to read it.

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