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Animation – Week 3 – Master of Puppets

As a big fan of Metallica, I am so glad today I am a master of puppets!

However, things are not going smoothly, since it’s so time-consuming!

Drawing a character is easy, but when you turn it into a puppet, you have to draw more part and separate them to make them move respectively. I spend 10 hours in it and only managed to create the first scene of my story.

Introducing my puppets.

The Black Cat.

Now it can blink, and the tail can swing.

The Man.

He has different angles of hands, his eye could watch any direction, and his eyebrow could move to creates expression.

One simple problem here, the puppet tool cannot simulate the real joint, so I have to divide one limb into two parts, or it could not match the style of my story.

The Candle.

Hooray! It could wiggle!

The Light.

Dim to match the movement of the fire.

The Room.

The stars could blink, and everything can move to match the story.

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