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Simple Mirror – ICM Final Project – Concept

The wooden mirror is a symbol of our school. It was built around 20 years ago, and even today, people still got impressed when they play with it.

What is the intrinsic charm of the wooden mirror? Technology? Imagination?

Attracted by mirrors for a long time, I think mirrors are very special in our universe. Mirrors are something could naturally interact with you, even earlier than we have the concept of INTERACTION. Imagine a caveman was obsessed of playing with his image in the water, and I bet the story of Narcissus is one of the consequences of this.

And the way mirror and water interact with us, is by reflecting.

So what does the wooden mirror do? It creates reflection,  but a blur reflection, which looks like you, but not precisely you.

When I read this book:

Understanding Comics, Scott McCloud.

I got an epiphany. Why we feel we don’t look like our figures in the photo, and our sounds are different from our voice memo.

We all have an image of ourselves in our mind, which is a concept of our existence.

When we smile, in our mind, we are like this:

When we see others smile, they look like this.

So, why when we are smiling in front of a mirror, we see the latter?

Are you you?

shantell martin

Therefore, I intend to build a mirror which reflects the real us in our mind.

What skills will be covered:

  1. Kinect and skeleton tracking (multiple figures)
  2. Face tracking (multiple faces)
  3. P5js drawing.
    1. I want to drop something special if I got enough time like when people see this, I guess they would take a picture, so I want to detect that and draw a phone in their hand.
  4. Project and mapping.

What I’ve got so far:

Face tracking (single), working on web browser(including mobile).


What I am working on:

Kinect and skeleton.

(Since it’s a mirror, it must react very fast, So I need a powerful PC.)


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