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Animating with Unreal Engine

Today I tried to recreate a classic scene: A Man Walks into a Bar.

I tried to create a bar in Sketchup, but it’s impractical. So I bought a $4.99 scene in Unreal Market, and downloaded a piano from Sketchup, put them together, I got a test movie:

This is just a  test for the light and the camera, pretty good!

Ok now, let me set up my bartender and the Man who walks into a bar.

I think the purpose this week is just messing around with Unreal Engine.

I will finish this story next week.

Troubles and solutions:

Why I can’t see my animation after I imported them?

When you are importing something, there is a checkmark on the panel says “import animations,” check it. If you don’t, you will only import a model.

I renamed a camera, why I cannot find it.

I don’t know, but if you selected the camera, you could see the real name on the World Outliner panel.

I just downloaded a scene, but how can I use it?

I find that a scene is a level of this project, and it’s a file. Just double-click the file for the level.

How to export a video? What is Matinee?

In UE4, we don’t need Matinee anymore; there’s a button could do the work with a simple click.


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