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Bored Machine? – PComp Final Project – Concept

I don’t know what is a proper name for this project since it expresses a sophisticated mixture of my thinking of Boredom, Laziness, Anxiety, procrastination, and self-propagation.

If I tell you I build this project is because, in the beginning, I have some philosophical thinking about human behavior and I am trying to be critical since I’m an artist and some other blah-blah, don’t trust me, that’s bullshitting.

The truth and my original idea are simple: it will be hilarious if people see a mechanical hand playing fidget spinner, and they will be amused and take a picture of this machine and send it to their friends or post it on Instagram, Twitter, etc. Therefore this device (or installation, to be fashionable ) is impressive enough to promote itself.

So that’s it?

One advice valuable that Ayo gave me is: You just want it to be funny, or you want it to be critical?

Then I start to realize that the attraction of this machine, as long as other comedies, is derived from satire and contradiction.

So human can be stressed, and sometimes need to release their stress, which is the reason why people play fidget spinner. But what are you doing here? Are you unhappy? You are just a microcontroller!

One of the reasons why human feel stressed is the deadline for their final project is nigh, and they don’t have much progression. So why they just play fidget spinner instead of doing their work?

Playing fidget spinner is considered kind of boredom. So will it be a next-level boredom that just watching a wooden hand playing fidget-spinner? Just like kids today have abandoned their X-Box, and choose to watch Pewdipie playing video games on Youtube.

And now you just press a button and watch, what are you actually doing in this time slot?

Sadly, I have a lot of questions, but I don’t have clear answers for them. I know there are some underlying meanings of this wooden hand, and I wish you can feel it and interpret it in your way.




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