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Submissions – Winter Show – Pcomp Project – TWHPFS

Temporarily my project is named TWHPFS ( The Wooden Hand Playing Fidget Spinner).

Here is what it looks like:

Super brief description:

  1. You make the hand playing fidget spinner by pushing the button.
  2. When it’s spinning, you watch, and you can see a timer and an RPM indicator.
  3. When it stops, it tells you that how many time you wasted here, and convert it into our tuition fee.

Here is a rough video showing how it works (Boring):

I put my project in the corridor, and with a GoPro, I recorded the reaction of ITPer, here is the video (Highly Recommend):

Here is the concept:

Bored Machine? – PComp Final Project – Concept

Here is some of the documentation:

Creating WHPFS

Here is why I name it TWHPFS (Irrelevant):

How to Name the Wooden Hand Playing Fidget Spinner?


Other improvement which will be accomplished before winter show:

  1. Change breadboard to PCB
  2. New box, put the screen inside
  3. More code, to calculate the all in all wasted time and $ by all the users and convert those time to something more interesting.
  4. Maybe, I will add a thermal printer on it printing a certification to every user, to certificate what they wasted here, officially.


  1. Teaser:
    1. I bet you have never saw a wooden mechanical hand playing fidget spinner.
  2. Description:
    1. I really don’t want say more about my project, I like seeing people find their own feeling when they experiencing. My poor description will do nothing but narrow down the potential of this project.
  3. Created by YANG YANG, ITP 2019,
  4. Equipment and Space
    1. Space: Just a table is enough, I prefer in the corridor.
    2. Equipment: None.

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