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Hourly Comic – A Typical Weekend

Well, long story short. I woke up at 10 am, then…

Yes, you are right, I had not left my dorm room.

Edit: Professor Marianne has give me some questions, I’d like to write my answers here:

Did you change your process? Your day?

— I’m one of the additives to phone, as you can see I spend lots of time staring my phone.

How did it feel to stop and make the drawings?

— Well, I have to do some work every day. If not drawing, I probably would write some code.

Did you do them exactly on the hour?

— I didn’t schedule my day hour by hour, I just happen to do that during that time slot. As you can see I was just watching my phone for 3 hours in the morning, of course, with different postures.

After the fact? Did they interrupt your process? Did it become arduous? Were you aware of audience?

— It’s like a pointless documentary, I spend a normal day and I record them by drawing. If I aware of my audience I will make the story more dramatic, lol. So, I didn’t feel interrupted, and I was not thinking about my audience.

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