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Reflection to Vestiges & Verse

When you are in The Met or MOMA, you regularly focus on the remarkable technique and the influence in the history made by those great artists. However, in this exhibition, You will concentrate on their fantastic imagination.

I saw drawings rough but attractive, designs impractical but looks cool, and books contain hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of words (and have brutal covers). Whatever they were doing, they were fascinating on them, and apparently, they devoted their entire life to their work.

I don’t know what the specific stories behind those artists are, but this exhibition depicts an unbeknown image of that age. From now on, when I think about Arts in the early 20 century, besides those big names, I will think about the artists in this show. This collection tells a story about their work and thought, which completed my jigsaw puzzle of this history.

The exhibition is impressive and is definitely something worth visiting. However, my words are not something worth reading. I appreciate this exhibition and apologize for my writing.

PS: Here is something I noticed:

  1. In Henry Darger’s painting, some of the kids look like little girls, but they have penises. Well, is it something against censorship?

  2. I saw lots of designs, and many of them have deliberate illustrations. I think this is what we call “design expression” today. So I think they draw those illustrations for a business purpose, probably for a “roadshow”.

  3. Some arts are placed horizontally, and no covers on top of them. I wonder how they will clean the dust on them after time.

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