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Nothing – Midterm Team and Ideas.

After discussion and research, we come up with several ideas:

Location1: in front of the elevator. The reason for choosing this place is that we can force the audience to see our illusion in a specific perspective.
1. Draw a bottomless chasm in front of the elevator, to scare people.
2. Draw a cat in front of the elevator, to slow people down.

Location2: in the kitchen. Simply because more audiences are here.
1. Draw a hole on the wall in the kitchen

Location3: in the ER, so people going to the toilet will see it from a specific angle.
1. Create a staring-stuff in the ER, so everyone going to the toilet will suffer from his eyesight.
1. Ref:

Location4: in the elevator, so people who are about to get in the elevator will be forced to see this at a specific angle.
1. ​Draw a floor which looks like another chasm.

That’s it.

Teammates: Barak, Ivy, Yifan, and Yang.

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