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The Chamber of Nothingness

I’ve read some articles about Robert Irwin years ago, most of which are about his famous experiment of the anechoic chamber.

However, my previous reading only told me that people were feeling time distortion and visual illusions (perhaps hallucination), and was claiming that experience is an extremely bad trip.

I was interested, and I wanted this trip.

So when I got this book, I can’t wait to find the part in which I can get more details about this beautiful project.

I’m not disappointed. Irwin talked about this chamber.

He stayed in the room for over 6 hours, and unsurprisingly, he (felt like he)saw some light, and Irwin (felt like he) heart some sound which people assume comes from the flow of blood.

However, the most remarkable experience is after he came out of the chamber, he became more “energy conscious”.

This sounds reasonable. Irwin’s description reminds me the feeling you get when you come down from a Pirate Ship—- You never feel the earth is as dense as it is at this very moment.

And also, it reminds me the basic facts we have learned at last week, which is that our brain could adjust our sensation automatically so that if we see a specific color continuously, it will disappear. However in this project, what has gone is the nothingness. Therefore everything got amplified.

Here is the intriguing part: You provide nothingness, from which they can archive everything.

Just like those photos which our teacher has shown to us in the first class: you remove things from the picture, so people can notice it, and see the importance of what has been removed.

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