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Col-Design Week 2

This week we have constrained our ideas into some specific features.

During the class, with Marc’s conduction, we wrote down some use cases which we thought will fit our persona.

It went smoothly, here is what we’ve got:

What after this was a nightmare, real fighting. We had an extremely long argument to figure out what is the actual requirements of our users.

But it was worthwhile, eventually, we got an agreement on the real use case.

So our product would be something that helps shy people to overcome social anxiety.

Use case 1:

Alex wants to have some small chat with some acquaintances so they can develop their relationship furthermore, but he is not good at small talk, don’t know what to talk.

Our product could tell him where his friend is, and tell him what’s the interests in common between them, even give him prompts about what to say.

After the conversation, the product will rate this conversation based on the whole discussion, then give Alex some compliments and advice.

Use case 2:

Alex sees some classmates in an elevator, he wants to say something but doesn’t know what to say.

Our product will recognize his classmates, then find some topics and generate some prompts based on his classmates’ Facebook posts.

Also, the product will rate and give compliments and advice.


  • Onboarding.

  • Analyze Facebook friend.

  • Upload information manually.

  • Find nearby friends.

  • Find out some common interests that you and a friend have together.

  • Show prompts before and while talking.

  • Feedbacks.

  • Rating.

  • Reviews and advice.

  • Progress after using this product.


  • AI Assistant

  • Face Recognization

  • Geotags

  • Wearable

  • Probably a pair of glasses

Based on this, we did two 1-1 reviews with our potential users.

User 1, a Chinese male, Ping(fake name), 25 years old, don’t like to talk on SNS and in real life.
User 2, Africa-American female, Chloe(fake name), feels she is too shy.

I will not paste all the conversation here, but I want to point out something:

*. Ping feels that he agrees with all of our assumptions, and he especially likes the use case 2. We think this is probably because our first persona was built on a shy Chinese male.

*. Chloe feels that she like the use case 1 better.

TODO: Conclusions

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