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Collaborative Design – Idea – Chat Assistant

We had our first team meeting this Tuesday, and the outcome is truly impressing.

Firstly, we tried to discuss how technology has changed our social life. People tend to spend lots of times on Facebook or other equivalents.

But how’s the life of those people who are out of those spotlights? Like the man in our persona, Alex?

Alex is a bit of shy so that he barely posts anything on Facebook.

But everyone needs friends, so he usually watches posts from his friends, but he also never comments.

When he wants to post or wants to comments, the things bothering him are as following:

  1. He doesn’t know how to express himself in public.

  2. He is always worried about what people think about him.

  3. He lacks interpersonal skills.

  4. And also, beside those online activities, he doesn’t know how to have small talk with friends in person.

That’s what happening on Alex now. However, our question is, is this a problem? What does he want?

Alex said, it’s not bothering him too much, but as he grows up, he keeps seeing that his friends who have better inter-person skills get successful easier.

He wants that too. He wants more friends, wants his friends to think that he is a nice person, a good friend.

What can we do to help him?

After our discussion, we found this idea:

A Chat Assistant, who’s name we don’t know yet, empowered by ML.

Imagine that when you see a friend posting a photo of his dog, our assistant could instantly see that’s a dog, and look through all the previous posts and related comments of your friends, then give you the most appropriate comment suggestion:

“Wow, look at that shaggy tail! I love it so much!”

What you need to do is tap the Send button.

Even in a private online chat, your assistant could give you the best suggestions based on the context instantly.

So what about interactions in reality?

You can wear your chat assistant as a goggle!

When you see a friend, it could detect your friend’s face, find out who he/she is, and then analyze all his/her Facebook posts, then project a chat suggestion in your eye!

“Try to ask her about the spring break.”

“Say that you wish you could have an awesome trip just like hers.”

“Say goodbye in Chinese, and the pronunciation is Zai Jane.”


What are the potential challenges when developing this product?

Some technical issues, such as the latency of the analysis.

If two people both wearing this goggle, the conversation is basically between two AIs, and the human is only reading what the AIs are telling them to say.

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