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Collective Play – Final – User Test

Game rules: one player use one hand holding a paper ball, the second player should find out the hand by asking questions to get clues or just guess.

Game purpose: find out the hand holding the paper ball/ fool the second player.

Users: 2 groups of couples; 2 groups of close friends(1girls group, 1boys group); 1 group of not-close-at-all classmates.

Rewards: a piece of hazelnut chocolate for the winner!


  • Group One: Barak and Ivy.


different culture, different backgrounds.


They asked 12-20 questions each round, those questions were becoming spicier and more private than the previous ones.

After they realized that asking questions/ getting answers are funnier than the actual game, they kinda turned the game to an interrogation and a competition.

Barak took the advantage that we are watching them and asked questions like “do you like Yangyang?” “Do you think you are smarter than Chelsea” to force Ivy to lie and got some clues to help him to make the call.

Ivy asked some inside questions we couldn’t understand as a witness, which made the game ambiguous and flerting-ish.  And she asked a second-round re-match.

  • Group two: M.H and Gabriel.

Friends (boys).


They only asked 5-8 questions each time. Clearly, they got bored easily and wanted to end the game ASAP – typical boys!!!! It seemed that they didn’t care the winning or losing at all. They were super chill, the conversation was more like watching two friends talking normally, they were not trying to embarrass each other or pry anything, the topics were nothing special.

“Dad knows when the kids are lying?” — a comment from MH to Gabriel.’

They asked if we would record the whole conversation at the beginning. I am wondering what if we did, would it change anything or not.

And they pointed out that this game should be a drinking game and it will be much funnier when you are not so sober.

  • Group three: Tao and Yen.



They didn’t know each other at all, more like Hi-Bye friends. So, at the beginning conversation was awkward. I can feel both of them were not comfortable even all the questions were polite and soft.

The second round was much better, Tao used some detecting strategies he learned from somewhere, that to look for bugs and to trick Yen to make logical flaws.

Both of them care about the result more than the process.

Both of them think this is a good ice-break game.

  • Group four: Youjin and Phil


same background, same culture.


We want them to feel comfortable and relax, so we asked them to speak Korean as they do usually.

Youjin was more focusing on questions, the questions she asked were those questions she knew the answer already. And the strategy Phil used was ignoring the questions and answering everything yes.

Phil said he knows Youjin so well, he can read all her facial expressions. So he was staring at her eyes all the time, and they tell him all the secrets.

They asked if we would record a video as well, so to let them feel relax, we only took a few of pictures.

They said they had fun (maybe?) and will play this game again(really?)

  • Group five: Keerthana and Shreiya

close friends(girls)

similar background and culture


They enjoyed this game so much!!!!

They care about the asking and answering equally as they care about winning and losing.

They think it is a good thing that we didn’t constrain them with time or number of questions. Because we made them feel like they are in control, whenever they felt bored or enough they could stop the game.

They think it is great to have some audiences watching them play. Because they could use us as a leverage and ask some obvious questions. And they enjoyed that they were able to talk something inside jokes only they know in front us.

Great drinking game.


what you did:

We came up with 3 plans, and we decide to play this, because:

I found out that the essence of this game is not to guess in which hand is the ball in, it the process, in which one person was allowed to ask and another is allowed to lie.

This is more like a trial.

Normally people cannot interrogate others. Not just because they don’t have the right to do this, more like is because this is not polite, and not nice. You are trying to put the other person in a uncomfortable situation.

But with this game, all those behaves found an excuse.

I’m accusing you because the game was designed this way, I was just trying to find where is the ball.

I’m lying to you because of the same reason, and I just want to win this game.

What did you expect to happen?

I tried this game with a normal friend, and we didn’t find it interesting.

Then I finally realize that, people who are in a relationship should find more fun in this.

Before we start user test, we already decided, we are gonna test on at least 2 couples.

What actually happened?

Things went smoothly.

Since it’s a short game, people don’t feel it’s anoying. And couples were really into it.

And, boys seem to have their own way to play this. They are not asking question like it’s a real trial, but they also had fun when they playing it.

What could you tweak to get a very different outcome?

I would like to try to make them feel more uncomfortable.

I want them to realize something after they play this. Like break up or something.

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