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Einstein’s Dream, Doom, and Inevitable.

I have to say, whoever has written this book is a genius.

I was supposed to only read the first chapter, but I couldn’t stop reading, so I read them all.

I have had a brief walkthrough about the theory of relativity and quantum physics which almost challenge all the human perceptions.

And in this book, there are lots of article talking about time, the conception of time, the consequences if time is not the time we familiar with, which could probably happen in other planets, other galaxies or other universes.

One of them I found myself fascinated with is, a chapter talking about human invented clock to track time, and finally found themselves got dominated by the concept that time is constantly lapsing.

It reminds me an experience. When I was in college, I used to work for a coffee shop. It was an afternoon, and I was so bored since there were not too many customers. I wish to get off work, but the clock just didn’t tick any faster.

I found that I was always trapped in time. Do you want to go to future? Not possible. Go to past? Haha, you dream.

Time is the most mystic concept in our world. A clock is just a reference to time, and when we look at a clock or a calendar, what we truly see is our death.

Doom is always on its way. We can see it, but it’s inevitable.

I come up with the idea that maybe I can create an illusion to amplify this feeling.

For example, by a combination of 360-degree camera and VR headset, we can recreate the users surrounding in VR and allow the user to control the speed of the video from our camera, which gives the users a feeling that he/she can control the time. Maybe he can slow down the time to see more details of the world, even stay in static time.

However, before he finishes his experience, he must speed forward the time, as a compensation of the time he has stolen from the world.

This is called inevitable.

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