Courses Fragments

MoMA, March 2018

1. Prelude to a Broken Arm

Before I saw it in MoMA, I didn’t know this is a Duchamp’s work, though it’s easy to see this work shares a common idea with other Duchamp’s works.

In comparison with other modern big shots, Duchamp is a road paver. Challenging the old notion of what’s art is the most inspiring idea for me. I believe most of my understandings of arts were derived from here.

From Duchamp, arts become detached from crafts, become a single idea, which is more pure and powerful than classic arts.

2. All the Picasso’s Works

I appreciate that MoMA could cover so many Picasso’s works, witch gives us an integrated view of the evolving of Picasso’s ideology.

From depicting the worlds in a traditional way, to challenging the perspective rules which has existed for thousands of years, Picasso turns ‘another brick in the wall’ to a whole new world.

3. One: Number 31

Pollock has lived in pain.

He can never depict himself. He had drawn so many self-portraits, but he can’t find himself in any of those portraits.

I believe this is the form of portraits by which he can finally express himself.

4. Gold Marilyn Monroe

In my perspective of view, Andy Warhol is self-contradictory.

In one side, his works seem to be sarcastic of modern life, including advertising, massive production, and consumerism.

However, at the same time, himself become a consumer product and has been sold to the public.

Maybe I was wrong; maybe he was not sarcastic?


5. Articulated Lair

There are so many Bourgeois’ works in the museum.

I know nothing about her before I saw this work, but after this, I’m attracted to her other works.

She spends all her time trying to depict what’s in her mind, her father, her three sons, and the relationship between them.

And there was an incident, which has given me an epiphany about the today’s arts and technology.

6. My story.

I went to MoMA during the winter break, trying to find some inspiration. When I saw Louise’s Articulated Lair, I didn’t get it. I walked into the interior space, saw some black rubbers with strings.

Just finishing a spring show, I touched one string unintentionally ——in ITP you are supposed to interact with installations.

It seems I made a big mistake, a security stopped me, and I was told ‘you should know you shouldn’t touch anything.’

At that moment, I got it. Things in the museum are just history. They are evidence of the existence of their creators’ idea and expression.

And works in our show is the latest arts and thinking, vivid and fresh.

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