Nothing – Spring Show Submission


In Einstein’s dream, there was a chapter talking about how we are trapped in time. We can only experience this moment. It’s not possible to travel to the past, nor foresee the future.

Then we have an idea that, what if we create a illusion to make people feel that they can control the time?


  • Installing a 360 camera to capture the environment in the room
  • Having the user sit in a chair and wear a VR headset, holding controllers in hand
  • Live streaming the 360 video and display in the VR headset
  • The user would then be able to see the actual environment in the VR world. He/she would also be able to control the speed of the 360 video playing with the controllers, seeming like he/ she is controlling the speed of time passage.


We achieved playing live 360 stream within Google Daydream, and it is amazing!

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