PxP Final Project – Concept – Invisible?

You show somebody themselves, and they are happy.

by Daniel Rozin

I love this quote so much, and I kept trying to find out why people are happy when they saw themselves on a screen?

Perhaps that’s because oneself is the most important person in one’s mind.

When you took a group photo with others, the first person you look for in the picture is yourself.

We wonder what would happen if you cannot find yourself in that photo, or video.

One thing for sure is that people will interpret this in different ways.

Social Anxiety / Depression

Social anxiety is not only the fear of being judged and evaluated negatively by other people but also the fear of being ignored. This camera gives you a sense of being surrounded in a social scenario while not being noticed. This is a long-term could also lead to an absence of self-awareness, and even depression.

Social Media Censorship

It happened to us that the trace we leave on a social network is wiped out due to censorship. In such case, we are forced to be invisible. The words we use to represent ourselves disappear so easily without us being informed or consent.

Being Left Out

The feeling of being left out of a group occurs stingy to us. We are all familiar with the movie scenes when a picture is tore in parts just to get rid of someone in it. And that leaves a scar. We want to create such uncomfortableness for the user just like they are the one that was gotten rid of.


If the background picture happens to have part of other audience in it, the whole effect will look wired.

Finding out one person might not be feasible, because now I have only found how to get all the people in one picture.


Building a system that doesn’t work only for you???

The subjective point of view (each person see themselves ignored)

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