Courses Fragments

Art Toy Design => ATD => Alcoholic Toy Design

The Blanks


for the first 2 blanks, I was just doing some experiment with it.

How can I express emotion, and how to draw a face on a sphere.

So, I —-

Very interesting, Todd is a hamster tinker who is also an alcoholic.

Then I —-

Sketching and roughly modeling:

Working on it:


Dull Toy

Then I got a new idea when I saw a picture of a dunny on Google. I cannot find the image again, but it’s just a dunny covered by abstract lines and words.

I was thinking: hey, who said there must be a face?

So I came up with this thriller:

Yang is missing. He has been absent for classes for over a week, and his roommate doesn’t know where he goes. His roommate said that the last time he saw Yang is when he woke up at 3 am to pee, Yang was still working on the assignment of Art Toy Design, and seems frustrated. The NYPD is investigating this case, and this dunny is what they found on Yang’s table: A dunny covered by a repeating sentence: All work and no play makes Yang a dull toy.


I sort of like the idea of alcoholic, because I always like to make something the people are at least willing to take a picture of.

The I combined the idea of alcoholic and juxtaposition —-

Imagine there is a beloved man, say, Dan Shiffman, who looks like having an extremely positive mental attitude in daylight, is suffering in such great pain that he must drink tons of liquor in late night, alone.

So, when he gets a moment to take off his disguise, the first thing he does is opening a bottle of wine and drinking.

The agony is finally relieved, and thus he can go to work with sunshine.

How about we say he drinks wine even when he is recording Coding Train, though the camera doesn’t capture this.


I also tried this figure in a more cartoonish style:

Unfortunately, I cannot express Dan in this way, I better do it more realistically.

A final turnaround:

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