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Art Toy Design – Modeling Todd

TLDR: This week I modeled Todd in Maya and printed it.

I was working with 3ds Max for years until the 3d print was a trend, so this is my first time playing 3d printing.

In the beginning, I was trying to import some free hamster models then tweak them, but I found this approach boring since I already have a figure in my brain. So, in the end, I decided to build it from scratch.

I created a sphere primitive, added subdivisions, adjusted vertexes, then I created a torso with a beer belly.

Of course, with 2 limbs and a tiny pointed tail.

Then I created the other parts in the same way…

The most challenging part is building those hangover eyelids, it’s not just because they comprise so many irregular edges, but also because they cause errors every time I put them in MeshMixer. In the end, I rebuilt those eyelids 2 times to get them correct.

Set one eyeball to live surface, them Quad Draw the first line of faces of the eyelid on the surface. Detach the line, scale it up a little bit, then extrude the outside faces of the eyelid. Then add more subdivisions of the eyelid, tweak them a little bit, then close it, you got an eyelid!

PS: I just don’t get the mechanism of mirroring in Maya, got rekt every time.

I recreated the breach on the ear, which he got from a fight with his wife.

Anyway, I modeled Todd and then put it in MeshMixer, then Boom!

Ugh, too small, and so little details, lemme do it again.


I talked to Ben, and Ben’s advice is very inspiring. Now I have tons of ideas to be realized in next week!

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