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Todd Has a Lightsaber

I just watched a video clip about the legendary fighting that Todd and his wife had.

I don’t know who was filming —— do you really understand why they can put all the footage about the past of those revengers in a film?

Anyway, Todd was shouting:

  • “Damn! What do you know? I was a Jedi for god’s sake! “

Then his wife replies:

  • “What are you complain about? It’s me putting foods on the table for you and your child!”

Todd – “Why don’t you call you friend Eddie maybe he can give you a better life!”

Wife – “God damn you fxxking asshole I should never have married you!”

Todd – “Uggghhhhh!!!!!”

Then, the video ends on a frame in which his wife jumps to him.

I think this video explains where Todd gets two cracks in his ear.

Anyway, Todd is going to hold multiple things this week, like a lightsaber!

Todd’s body and arms are separated now so you can attach different arms holding different objects onto its body.

And he can change tails as well!

Todd now can hold a bottle and a lightsaber at the same time! Now isn’t it beautiful?

But Todd is actually retired, so it’s better to hold a goblet!

Making this happen.

I can only say, it’s not easy. For instance, it’s over 0 am now, and I’m still at ITP.

But I’m loving it.

What comes next:

  1. Colorizing.
  2. Draw a small comic about Todd’s past.

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