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This week is our final!

Though exhausted, we were so happy! Making toys is lots of fun! Phill said we should start an art toy club and keep making toys. I love this idea!

Anyway, I made 3 more Todds this week. A golden one, a white one, and a red one.

I love the last one best —— just like a folk tale, the youngest child is always the most beloved one.

So let’s talk about the third one.

This one is a little bit smaller than the first 2, about 10 cm tall — just like a real hamster. And I decided to paint it red and give it a white belly — again, just like a real (cartoon) hamster.

When I was making the last one, I was already a sanding master. So I generated this sanded him and the outcome is gorgeous, a beautiful smooth surface.

Before spraying, drill a nice butt hole so he can be fixed on a spray throne.

I gave him 3 layers of white primer coat, then sand it again, with #400, #600 sandpapers and water.

Then I sprayed 2 more white layers. After doing so, I taped his belly and gave 3 layers of red primer coat.

Looks perfect, except a little bit bleeding.

[I was too hurry to take a picture of this stage.]

Then I made a todo list:
[x] body
[ ] left hand with bottle
[ ] right hand
[ ] teeth
[ ] cute tiny tail
[ ] ears

Teeth, hands, and the bottle were 3D printed, the tail is made of wire, so the only thing I need to do is spray them.
The first Todd’s ears were made of plastic half spheres, and now I run out of half spheres. Got to make some curved surfaces.

So a spoon and a vacuum former can fit this work flawlessly. I borrowed the vacuum former from Ben and stole a plastic spoon from the kitchen, and boom!

Then, spray!

Frankly speaking, in the week I did more spraying than I had done in my whole life. And I think my dizzy feeling is caused by the toxic primers.

Oh, I almost forgot packing! Print a new bottle! And since I shrank the size of Todd, I can print a whole bottle at once and put the opening at the bottom.

[here should be a picture of bottle alone]

Draw two eyes on his face.

(At this moment, I felt I’m giving him life.)

Tah Dah!

I will surely miss this class! Classmates’ toys are amazing!

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