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Art To Design – Sanding an Orange

There’s no new story to tell about Todd today.

So, the theme of this week is:


Look at that shiny little ass!

Sorry, wrong ass.

Look at that shiny little ass!

I scaled him a little bit, which makes it possible to deal with more details. Now Todd is over 4 inches tall.

So, my plan was:

  1. Sand the raw printed model with 120 and 320 grid sandpapers.
  2. Spray it to give it a thick layer of primer.
  3. Sand the primer to get a smooth surface.
  4. Respray it to get a beautiful glossy finish.

I did them step by step, and the result is…sort of OK.

After first sanding and 4 layers of primer:

After Second sanding:

When I was doing this, a first year came to me and said:

I thought you were sanding an orange.

Yup, gotta remove those edges.

After Second sanding and 3 more layers of primer:

{ I forgot to take pictures of this stage}


I end up spending extra 30 minutes sanding the dirt down.

Anyway, then I made his hands, teeth, tail and beer.


The first pair of teeth was too large, then I made him the second pair.

Made his ears out of this clear thing…

I don’t know what it is, but thanks man;

Then sprayed those ear to orange.

And bite two holes by my teeth.

Then the beer bottle;

Then the tiny tail

It is made of a yellow wire!

And the weapon!

“I can’t remember where did I put my lightsaber. Ya know, hangover. But I think this Gundam sword works as well.”

Though this weapon more like a fishing stick, whatever.

That’s it!

See ya in the next blog, stay tuned.

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