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ArtToyDesign – Alcoholic Packaging.

I wanna make a package for Todd by something relative to alcohol.

But not just a box…

It seems like the only choice is to make a bottle…

The idea in my mind is a translucent bottle, you can vaguely see an orange item in it but not too much details.
Then stick a wine label or beer label on it.

I cannot find a bottle that is about Todd’s size and can be cut into two parts(so I can put Todd in) and is also half transparent.

Hmmm, maybe I can take advantage of the 3D printer’s vase mode.

So I made this, a bottle that is about Todd’s size.

Then I test printed it. It worked!

Then I printed a large one and designed a label for it.

The con is that it is so fragile, I wonder how to make it thicker.

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