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Nothing – Making It Again

It’s so happy that once again when people ask me what am I doing, I can answer:


I’m showing this previous project in this ITP Winter Show, because I like it so much.

It’s surprising and fun, while the concept of it is very artistic. Therefore kids can play with it so happily, and adults can appreciate the thought behind this.

How to make it.

This time, I will document everything I do, so I can take this as a guide in the future.


Gears needed:

I wish this can ignore the inconsistency of the NYU LAN, so I introduced a router to build my own local network.

  • [ ] Google Pixel
  • [ ] Google Daydream
  • [ ] Rico Theata V

Environment needed

  • [ ] Unity
    • [ ] GVR installed
    • [ ] UME Player installed
  • [ ] Live Streaming Source, a PC or a Mac
    • [ ] OBS installed
    • [ ] Ricoh Theta blender installed
  • [ ] Live Streaming Server
    • [ ] Ubuntu or Debian
    • [ ] Configured to route live streaming data.
    • [ ] Could be the same machine of the source.


Build the Unity project into Google Pixel.

Things worth mentioning:

When it runs on the phone, you need Android Studio to debug it.

To build correctly, you probably need to downgrade the Android SDK tools to 25.2.5.

There is no UI for the client, so livestream source need to be edited before you build it.

Setup the live stream server.

When I switch to SRS, this process become so simple. Just follow the direction here

Setup the live stream source.

Connect the Ricoh to a laptop, then start OBS, config the live stream server address and key, then select Ricoh Theta Blender as input source. Boom. Youre good.

Richo Theta V can live stream 4K, but 4K is a huge burden both to my laptop and my tiny server. So you probably wanna to reduce it. 3K performs pretty well.

That’s it

The first time we made it work took us almost 1 month. But once you find the right combination, it looks so simple.

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