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Bully is a web-based multiplayer game that represents the essence of our world —— bully.

Our world is recursive

Millions of people form a nation to kill, rob and enslave other countries; Thousands of people form incorporation to compete with other companies; Several families form a mafia to extort others; A group of kids forms a clique to bully others.

In this game, three users stay together can form a big circle, which is a clique, thus can bully other people who are in 2-people groups or alone.

Play it online

Bully. Note: To play, you need 4 or more players.

Interesting find

Through observing, I found some interesting behaviors.

Big groups move slowly

They have same moving speed, but the 3 bullies gan never catch the loner. This is because they must predict their teammates’ direction and waiting them to move.

Partenership ends ruthlessly

Once users figure out the rules of this tiny world, they betray to benefit themselves. When a 2-player group encounters another 2-player, if they hit each other, there will be an even match and all of them will get hurt. In this gameplay, one player leaves his original group and joins the other 2-player group, then turn back and bullied his former teammate.

My dark humor

When a clique bullies, there will be a sweet message telling what happened.

Source Code: Github

Collaborator: Lin Zhang.

Technology involved: Node.js, P5js,, Express.

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