Feb 2nd, 2019 in Whitney Museum

Haven’t visited Whitney Museum for over a year until today, and I went to this place to discover what’s on the 6th floor. Nico told me about this show, PROGRAMED, and said that it’s a must-see exhibition for ITP students.

Indeed it is, and going to see this gives you an Andy Warhol show for free.

What I hate is that to get a ticket, I waited in freezing cold winter for over one hour. I shouldn’t have seen it on a Saturday.

Well, I will write down some of my thoughts, though they might be obvious, or be wrong, or be both.

Each of Andy Warhol’s projects expresses one of his small ideas.

Most famous artists in art history were usually devoting their who career into one and only one simple, big, strong concept or movement, but Andy has made projects from different ideas.

For example, Monet was mostly drawing expressionism painting; Pollock did a lot of drip painting to express a single idea.

A work can derive from one simple idea, which is what we do at ITP. And I guess this is what most artists do in recent decades.

Perhaps my thesis could focus on one of my simple thoughts?

Scale matters.

We know this for a long time, the big rubber duck in HK, the huge Waterlilies and the gigantic TV wall today.

I didn’t feel anything when I first see the TV wall until I found out that it was built in the 80s.

Wow, imagine you’re a hippie and seeing this while on acid.

I’m sure it’s not just an important art piece, but also success financially back to its time.

And the massive room with several light bulbs.

How did they get exhibited in this show

Most ITP students have the technology to make every one of these pieces, but few have the ability to sell them or persuade gallery to show their project.

We are good makers but louse sellers.

Thesis challenge: how to better promote my project.

Hight frequency content and colorful light.

The one I found intriguing is a visualization of programming.

The reason why this one stands out is that it’s colorful, and the movement of the lines is what people call high-frequency content. And I see a lot of people taking pictures of it.

This is also what I want ——letting people post my work on social networks.

A interactive project made 60 years ago.

There is one that can sense light or object hence respond to the environment.

Sensors and servos. I can’t believe they made that so many years ago, even before PC exists.

Can I make something that seems not belong to this time?

I better watch more SciFi movie?

Notes for myself

I am not going to publish this until I get more resource and picture taken.

I think I can go there one more time tomorrow to get some pictures and post this to my blog.

Ok, I changed my mind, I will post it first then get some pictures next week, or someday.

Or never, who knows.

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