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It’s Time to Go to Time

It’s Time to Go to Time is a VR experience in which users are allowed to see the past of themselves from a third person perspective, and to manipulate the time flow in this world.

Unlike traditional VR projects which emphasize virtual world content, this project feeds the environment in which the user is standing into the virtual world, hence creating a subtle and weird feeling.

The setup hides the 360 camera, making audience expecting a classic VR world in advance, then when they first wearing the VR goggle, it shows them a corner of the room, in which there is nothing special. Afterward, as the user wondering what’s going on and slowly turn around, unexpectedly they see themselves wearing a VR goggle. Most of them shouted “holy shit” at this very moment, and then describe the whole experience as weird, out of body experience.

There is an intentionally 4-second latency so that what the user sees is not they in real time; instead, they see themselves 4 seconds ago, which enhanced the sense of disoriented and detachment.

The controller allows the user to stop the time for seconds, so they can see everything in slow motion hence giving them the perspective of an observer of the world.

Collaborator: Yifan Liu. Visit her blog

Technology involved: Live stream server, 360 VR live playback, Unity, Google Daydream.

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