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Being a minimalist, I always want my blog and portfolio clean and tidy.

There are some minimal and gorgeous portfolio templates out there, but none of them satisfies my needs.

I wish it’s extremely clear, there is no border, and there is animation but not using Gifs — they take forever to load, and most importantly I can modify the style anytime I want.

Yang, you are so picky, why don’t you go and write your own one?

Brilliant, I’m going to make my own webpage!

So here is my design:

My approach is so silly. Since I still don’t know how to use SQL, I can only store all my data in a JSON file. Then each time the page is requested, a script will generate the whole page. (I’ve read it somewhere, it’s called static blog or something like that.)

Then I serve the entire page via Apache.

Then, boom! I’ve got my own portfolio site!

Source code: Github

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