Simple Mirror

Simple Mirror is an installation that reflects the audience’s perception of themselves. Using face tracking technology, it’s able to reflect facial features and expressions of the audience, in a much unique way.

When the audience steps in front of this mirror, they will see abstract geometries forming their face on it, reflecting their facial expression in real time.

As for the fabrication part, I projected the graphic onto a real wooden frame, melting away the technology but keeping the experience.
Simple Mirror is so intuitive to interact with,

Try it in your browser:

Simple Mirror


Brfv4, P5js, Syphon, WebRTC, Madmapper.

In a gallery

Simple Mirror was invited to be shown at La MaMa gallery in March 2018.

To read more about the concept and the making of this project, please visit:

Simple Mirror – ICM – Final – Coding and Staging

Simple Mirror – ICM Final Project – Concept

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