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The Machine of Boredom

This project was called “Wooden Hand Playing Fidget Spinner”, but now I like to call it The Machine of Boredom.

An LCD screen shows “PRESS BUTTON,” and once the button is pressed, a high torque servo will trigger the fidget spinner. The time of spinning and RPM, tracked by a hall effect sensor, are showing on the screen. After about 1 minute, the spin stops and the screen shows how long you’ve wasted watching this machine playing, and how much does that time worth calculated to NYU tuition.


As its name reveals, this project explores the idea of boredom.

The human can be stressed, hence playing fidget spinners. But can a machine be stressed? Does it feel relieved? Or does it feel much more bored after it plays fidget spinner?

How does the human who is watching a machine playing fidget spinner feel? Is this the ultimate of boredom?


I put my project in the corridor, and with a GoPro, I recorded the reaction of ITPers, here is the video.

Read more:


Bored Machine? – PComp Final Project – Concept


Creating WHPFS

Technology involved:

Raspberry Pi, Servos, LCD screen, Sensors.

Source Code: Github

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