Project Idea

What’s it?

I wanna to make a project on a long canvas, and will be installed on a wall in a public area or a wall of a long corridor.

When a viewer is passing by, a virtual figure of a baby appears on the canvas at the same position as the viewer.

As the viewer walking through the canvas, the baby follows the viewer, and becomes a toddler, then a teenager, then an adult, and then an elder. when the viewer reaches the other side of the canvas, the figure finally appears dead.

I wish when people pass by this project, they would think about how their life. Is it short? Is it full of regrets? what phase are you in right now?

The figures on the canvas can also reflect poses and gestures of the viewer so that the viewer can feel the connection between themselves and the figures.

Hence another mirror built by me.

Technology involved:

  1. Pose tracking.
  2. Unity/P5js/Processing as the canvas.
  3. Projection papping.

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