Thesis Project Idea

It was just a spark in my mind, and I found myself intrigued by this idea immediately after it occurs.

What’s it?

Imagine there’s a long canvas, like over 10 meters long, and when a passerby is passing by, a baby appears on canvas at the same position as the passerby.

As the passerby walking, the baby becomes a toddler, a teenager, an adult, and an elder, then finally dies on the other end of the canvas when the passerby leaves this area.

I wish when people pass by this project, they would think about how short life is.

The figures on the canvas can reflect the poses of the audiences so that the viewers can feel the connection between themselves and the figures.
Hence another mirror built by me.

Technology involved:

  1. Pose tracking.
  2. Unity/P5js/Processing as the canvas.
  3. Projection papping.

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