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Which Pill

Which Pill is an online game exploring the behavior when people encountering lost.

Four or more players are given a context that they are soldiers in a secret army project in which they must try two different drugs, one is riskier but will potentially gain their muscle more, while the other one will have a steady effect but only gain them a little. Only the strongest one will be selected to join the special force, they others will be destroyed at the end of this project.

Will they take the risk?


This game was inspired by the book, Thinking, Fast and Slow. We are interested in how people make choices when they are facing lost. We predict that when one of them get remarkably benefited from his risky choice, the other ones are left no choice but taking risky moves too, and we think this represents the competence in the real world.

And they did so.

Then we modified the rules, saying that only the first one will be selected and join the special force, as to the others if their scores remain positive when finishing the game, they will be allowed to go back home.

The exciting part is they still make risky choices when they are not the first one. People just wanna win and are saying the reason is that because it feel good.


Note: We added The Office gifs just for fun.

Play it online:

Players’ client:


To start the game, open the console of your browser and type in start().

To restart the game, open the console of your browser and type in reset(), then start the game again.

Technology involved:

Node.js, Socket.IO, Express, JQuery.


Front end by Tang Heng.

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