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Zen Dog

“Yo daug come to my dojo and meditate like a Zen master.”

Zen Dog is a multiplayer web-base tiny dojo for people meditating.


Viewers visit this website on their phone, and they can see a little figure of themselves meditating. If they put their phone away and not touching it, in a while they will see their figure floating in the air, and even glitter. However, if they move their phone, the timer will reset, and their figure will drop onto the floor.

And at the same time, you can see other people meditating.

The reason I created this is because of my idea is that doing nothing is also interactive, and I happen to see this cute meditation dog online.

When we talk about interactivity, we usually discussing sensors, and how can human take vantage of those sensor to talk to a machine. Every day we rotate, touch and swipe our phone to achieve our goals. However, in this project, the interaction is to not touching your phone.


See it in your browser and phone: Zen Dog

Edit: P5.js motion detecting API was deprecated so it’s no longer function correctly.

Source code:


Technology involved:

This project is also a playground for me learning technologies. This project consists of lots of technology that it doesn’t even need, because I try everything here, including Node.js, EJS,, Express, Babel, WebPack, P5.js, MongoDB, Https, JQuery.

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