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My P5.js Projects Compilation

P5.js is a tool helping me to learn to programme. Though all of my P5 sketches are made roughly since they are made in the first semester in which I learn coding, here are some of them that I’m willing to share with you.

Space Dodge

Space Dodge is the first simple game I made. Try it, and see if you survive longer than 30 seconds.

The story is quite wild, and it’s originated from a nightmare in which there were thousands of eyes staring at me, although I was not a pineapple in the nightmare.

Play it: Space Dodge
Source code: Github

Point Ocean

The sine wave is an exciting tool to make animations, and I have drawn an ocean with it.

When I’m programming it, I challenged myself to use as less code as possible to create this ocean. It turns out less than 40 lines and the visual is pretty well.

See it: Point Ocean
Source code: Point Ocean in P5 editor


Depending on the NASDAQ Index refreshed every minute, the bankers in the building decide to suicide or to party. You can also play the role of god to see them partying or jumping off the rooftop.

This one had a physical installation version which featured a real knob allowing the viewers to interfere with the NASDAQ Index.

The is part of my dark humor. The animation is very hard to make tho.

Play it: JUMP
Source code: Github

Tetris Canvas

What if there is no gravity and no time, can you still play Tetris? You can’t, but you can draw with those blocks. There’s no pressure because the block is not falling, nor new coming blocks hasten you. Draw it in peace.

Play it & source code: Tetris Canvas on OpenProcessing

I will add more projects to this post in the future. Hopefully.

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