Portfolio Projects

Projects Before ITP

Before I came to ITP, I was a product designer/manager in China and here are some projects that were done during 2012 – 2016.



Behinders is a musician’ community app, which aimed to make an overall promotion of talented individuals and especially focus on backstage musicians, whom we call behinders.

Behinders for Sub-Publishers


Behinders – SP is A tool which allows Sub-Publishers to work with unprecedented efficiency, and it’s independent to the Behinders app.


10/2013 - 2015

QNGOO is a community aiming to provide a spiritual home for sub-culture addicts.


01/2016 - 12/2016

Mession is a substitution of your built-in message app.
It can receive all you SMSs, and classify them by notification and private chat.
With MESSION, you can easily access the useful notifications and chats with your friends without disturbing.


2014 - 2016

There are some side projects that we cannot finish developing due to the lack of funding. However I still cherish them since they are good ideas.

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