Easiest Way to Start a SS Server. First Year Free

Y’all have a Gmail account, right?

Well, good news! Gcloud offers 300$ free trial, which is enough for a small VPS to run for a year.

So, today I decided to migrate my SS server from Bandwagonhost to Gcloud, just to take advantage of this free money.

If you happen to need an SS server, you can follow along and I promise this is the easiest way to build an SS server.

Claim the free trial and create the VM instance

Free money

First thing first, go to to get the 300$ free money.

Create a project and a VM instance.

Then, you’ll need to create a project, within which you will create a VM instance. I created a blank Debian server.

When creating the VM instance, click Management, security, disks, networking, sole tenancy to expand advanced settings, and under Networking/Network interfaces, click default to expand the settings. Under External IP, Change Ephemeral to a reserved static IP.

After it’s created, you should see that it has an external IP, and you’re able to connect to it using SSH.

Config a Firewall rule to allow traffic through ports other than 80

I’m lazy and I’m not going to use this VM for any other purpose, so I just allowed all.

SSH into your VM, and do what follows to start the server.

Install Docker

Follow the instruction to get the latest Docker.

Get the SS Docker

The image I use is this one:

docker pull dockage/shadowsocks-server:latest

Start it with your configuration. Change 8388 to any port you prefer, and don’t forget to change the password.

docker run --name='shadowsocks' -d \
  --publish=8388:8388 \
  --env='SS_PASSWORD=putyourpasswordhere' \

Use docker logs shadowsocks to make sure it works properly.

You’re all set.

Use your favorite SS client to give it a try!

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